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16.06.2024 Rosy Vista, John Diva And The Rockets Of Love and Red Hot Chili Pipers

Red Hot Chili Pipers Intro

Today, there is part 2 of the last and first concerts before and after the corona break. The last bands befor the pause were in November 2019 at the one hand the to me unknown Rosy Vista who were in the past already a quite well known female heavy metal combo, as well as the guys from John Diva And The Rockets Of Love that passed by the Turock at Essen during their "Mama Said Rock Is Dead" tour. It was a lively evening that was really fun.

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30.05.2024 Here we go again

Metallica Intro

It has been a long time that you heard of me.Many things left so few time to me that it was impossible to write new articles and upload pictures. But here we go again.
Initially, there is a new base for the homepage and the website received a slight facelift.
Content wise the band and concert lists as well as the equipment was updated.

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10.06.2019 Rammstein tour start

Rammstein Intro

After 10 years it was finally a new album to be released by Rammstein. Appropriate to that they went onto the first stadium tour of their 25 years lasting band history. The first stop was the Veltins Arena at Gelsenkirchen where I joined on the second evening.

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22.10.2022 Red Hot Chili Pipers at the Fabrik at Coesfeld (D)

Red Hot Chili Pipers Intro

On this evening it should get again a little bit more special. On two Wacken Open Air festivals I had already seen this Scottish combo whose name often led to irritations. This due to the fact that it is not the Californian rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers what many erroneously read but about a Scottish Rock N’ Pipes band.
Because of corona their gig at the Fabrik at Coesfeld was rescheduled and many seemed to avoid the risk of joining crowds as the gig was unfortunately not visited very well. Nevertheless, around 20:00 good mood passed its way when the seven men and one woman entered the stage and brought to peoples minds that they really were bent on their show.

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24.09.2022 Saltatio Mortis at the Amphitheater at Gelsenkirchen (D)

Metallica Intro

It has been nearly exact three years since my last visit at the Metallica concert on the Maimarktgelände at Mannheim. It seemed like ages ago that corona has brought to all of us and I really missed being in the middle of a crowd in front of a stage. Also Saltatio Mortis have imagined it differently when they announced in 2019 their anniversary concert to their 20-years existence that should take place in 2020. To that time it should happen at Cologne at the Palladium on two evenings, then it was postponed to 2021 and then once more to 2022. To be even more ensured that it really can take place it was additionally moved to Gelsenkirchen into the Amphitheater where it could take place open-air in order to minimize the risks of infections even more. A positive side effect of that was that it now only needed one evening and additionally due to the larger capacity of the venue even more people could join.

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30.11.2019 John Diva And The Rockets Of Love at the Turock at Essen (D)

John Diva And The Rockets Of Love Intro

A nice evening in November 2019 and lots of people in front of the Turock at Essen. A sold out venue to the tour of their first album of John Diva And The Rockets Of Love “Mama Said Rock Is Dead” with Rosy Vista as support act.
It was 2014 when I first got to know the lively company on the Wacken Open Air. To that time without much expectations, they exceeded them significantly. And so I insisted on going to watch them another time. After the mood was already excellent after Rosy Vista, John Diva really managed to gather speed even more.

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22.12.2013 Straubing Tigers - Krefeld Pinguine at the Ice Rink at the Pulverturm at Straubing (D)

Straubing Tigers - Krefeld Pinguine Intro

It was quite early when I had to get up because already at 5:30 more than 500 Krefeld Pinguine supporters had to gather at the Krefeld main station to start their long trip towards Straubing at 6:00. But this was gladly accepted and so the athmosphere was excellent on the way there.

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20.01.2013 Hamburg Freezers - Krefeld Pinguine at the O2 World at Hamburg (D)

Hamburg Freezers - Krefeld Pinguine Intro

Already very early on Saturday morning a bus started form Krefeld towards the hanseatic town to first visit the monuments and on Sunday the O2 World to hopefully take the three points back home. Because of Servus TV is broadcasting live on tv the first bully was delayed by one hour. Therefore they kindly showed the prepared choreography of the motto "Ballermann 6-undreissig". Especially for this many supporters came wearing shorts and t-shirts (kudos for this because it was extremely cold outside).

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09.03.2012 GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Romijnders Devils Nijmegen at the Ice Rink at Nordhorn (D)

GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Romijnder Devils Nijmegen Intro

The game was announced quite short-termed and so "only" 513 fans went to the Nordhorn Ice Rink. For the Ritter it should be the first test against an equal or even better opponent because no one else than the present champion of the Dutch 2nd division, the Romijnders Devils from Nijmegen were guest.

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24.04.2019 Zoo at Nordhorn

Zoo Nordhorn Intro

Shortly after Easter I made use of a stay at Nordhorn to take a look after many years to the meanwhile extremely redesigned zoo. The zoo is not only on German side very popular but due to the neighborhood to the German-Dutch borderline also at the bordering country.

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29.12.2018 Ice sculpture festival at Zwolle

Ice Sculpture Festival Zwolle Intro

Between Christmas and New Year, I made a short trip to the Dutch Zwolle were a really great ice sculpture festival took place. After some waiting time (overall nearly 90 minutes) you entered the ice cold hall.

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19.11.2015 Cuba

Cuba Intro

Our round-trip led us to the uprising Cuba. Each day a certain part of our route was passed via bike (2-5 hours a day where we made from 30km up to 60km). The rest was spent inside the escort vehicle. Without that it would not have been possible to make on some days trips of up to 180km.

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