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Saltatio Mortis Article

Before and after corona

It has been a long time that you heard of me.Many things left so few time to me that it was impossible to write new articles and upload pictures. But here we go again.
Initially, there is a new base for the homepage and the website received a slight facelift.
Content wise the band and concert lists as well as the equipment was updated.
So, here the "latest" stories: Before the concert and festival scene came to a standstill due to corona I have been at a concert of a band that was the last one on the list of bands that I absolutely wanted to see live once. Metallica performed at the Maimarktgelände at Mannheim who brought Bokassa and Ghost with them. After the support acts whetted the appetite for the main act already when playing under the burning sun (firing up was not needed due to the temperatures), Metallica really delivered during the sunset in front of a really impressive stage setting.
There is another concert that I visited before the corona break (John Diva And The Rockets Of Love) but that will be released at a later point.
The second one I have is the first concert after the Corona break: Saltatio Mortis was celebrating their 20. anniversary in 2020. Due to two corona restricted declines it was finally celebrated in 2022 and not at Cologne but at the Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen. But there with many energy, good mood up on and in front of the stage as well as lots of pyrotechnics.


25.08.2019 Bokassa
25.09.2019 Ghost
25.09.2019 Metallica
24.09.2022 Saltatio Mortis

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